Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As a young boy,
I dreamt of things unimaginable.
Dreams of love,
times of joy,
fulfilling my every goal.
as I aged, I started to realize.
As a teen,
I ran from things.
Hid in the deepest depths of my own mind.
Dreamt of pain,
but love and joy never left my side.
And progressed in life further more.
As a young man,
I now see that my dreams can be accomplished.
I see that my time's of joy
were there and have yet to come.
That the love I have felt will never leave.
My goals will be fulfilled.
That I ran from what I had to find more of.
That I hid from everything to become something.
That the pain I felt was needed.
The anguish helped me realize.
The hate brought me closer,
to the people that really need me.
All I could hope for now
is that I can use this,
to continue on,
make something of myself,
and help others with their own tortures.
To live knowing it was all for something
and that nothing will be left behind.

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