Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leaving It All Behind

With the sun in his eye,
he looks back and says goodbye.
Takes hold of his wits,
makes sure his pack is secure,
and walks onto a path.
A path of new hopes
in which he can achieve,
an all new sanity.
Takes a left... Then a right.
Takes him to a wooded land,
full of cedar and pine.
He decides life is quite simple,
lays down and dies.
The point of that,
was to show how man
can do what they want.
With just your mind
you can take and venture forth.
Into hell and beyond
or stay in a cell and rot,
but me I choose to escape
go into the forest and die.
For the forest was a happy place.
Not a society of war mongers,
death bringers and dictators.
A single thought in my mind.
I'm happy and this is how I will die.
Knowing I died happy is enough.
Enough to encase the world with morn,
but myself with pitty for them.
They may never know
what its like,
with the sun in their eye,
a pack on their back,
to find sanctuary of peace and unity.
And to die a happy death.

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