Saturday, March 26, 2011

Days of Wonderment

Throughout these days of wonderment
my life has taken a blow.
Its not quite the same as others,
but painful still.
The shit gone through in a day
cant be compared to starvation,
just known to hurt the heart is all.
"No one understands me."
Its what everyone expect to hear.
People do get the problems,
but complete understanding only comes from a few.
My life is like no other,
yet the same as the rest.
The blows of life get harder,
it gets harder to resist.
Resisting the urges to drink
or for some to even be alive.
Thinking becomes obsolete.
All until you've made up your mind.
My life has taken a blow.
its not quite like others still,
but my mind can portray it to others
so that they can take it as they will.


  1. Just some blog advice: Adjust the column layout. Your middle column with blog entries and the such overlaps the text in the background image, making it hard to read. Alternatively, re-edit the background image :)