Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quality in Men

Quality in a man is what he said to me.
He said that the life of a man,
is of no importance to me.
He gave me the truth.
Told me always be kind.
The dicipline he shows is of no other.
He had hope in the world,
for no other then himself.
Lead by the example he couldnt be.
Hypocritic may it be.
He is family to my kind.
Walks thoughtout life,
thought nothing but through his own mind.
He is tough beyond no nature,
kind beyond no truth.
He is one man,
no man could ever wish to be.
His life has gone southward.
Possible it will never change,
but his heart is of gold.
And without him,
life would never,
have ended up this way.

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