Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quotes 1.0

“You can’t hurt someone unless you mean something to them.”
“and just like ipods, hearts all
over the world are being played.”

“if you love him. tell him. forget about the rules or the fear of looking ridiculous. what is truly ridiculous is passing up an opportunity to tell someone your heart belongs to only him.”
“the truth is, we hide so we can be found. we walk away to see who will follow. we cry
to see who will wipe away our tears. && we let our hearts get broken
 to see who will come and fix them.”

“There are certain emotions in your body that not even your best friend can sympathize with.
but you will find the right film or the right book,and it will understand you.”

“You’re so good, you’re so bad That everybody wants to be your man
 You’re so good, you’re so bad Everybody wants to be in your hair
 Under your skin and in those clothes
On those lips… But me.”

Yeah that’s a list of random things I found that mean something to me.

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